What’s More Fun than a Fake Wedding at Camp Harlow? A Fake Librarian Wedding!

High school camp was very eventful, with a concert at First Baptist Church from the Rookie Mistake band, a silent dance party, and…A WEDDING! Now something important to note is that a ‘wedding’ sometimes happens during High School Camp, but of course it’s not a real wedding. This summer librarians Shannon and Sheldon (otherwise known as Olivia and Steven) got married! Shannon and Sheldon introduced themselves to Camp, and Sheldon told the audience of his feelings for Shannon. Later on in the week Sheldon proposed to Shannon in front of everyone, and Shannon accepted. Sheldon invited the whole camp to their wedding ceremony and reception, which would be taking place that night at the Campitheatre. Before coming to Camp, campers were told to bring dress clothes for a special surprise. So most campers came to the ceremony looking like they were ready for a real wedding; or the closest thing to it when going to a fake Camp librarian wedding! Many campers even did their hair and makeup in their cabins before coming down to the Campitheatre for the ceremony. Once at the Campitheatre, Sheldon and everyone else anxiously awaited the bride. Eventually Shannon came, with Program Director Hunter walking her down the aisle, visibly brushing away tears. And after both Sheldon and Shannon had said their vows, Myron, the High School Camp Pastor, married the two. With glad shouts and much hollering from the crowd, they followed the newlyweds down to the lawn in the front of the gym for the reception. There were white lights strung from the trees stretching across the lawn. And pizza and lemonaide were provided for the guests. For the reception they had a silent dance party. If you’re wondering what a silent dance party is: it’s where everyone has a set of wireless headphones and the music is playing in each person’s headphones instead of from an outside speaker. So everyone is essentially listening to the same song, but to anyone who does not have headphones the party may look weird as they would not be able to hear the music but would just see everyone singing loudly and dancing (as in the case of Camp). Each set of headphones had three channels of music that the listener could choose from: pop, classical, and Disney; with each channel being a different color that others could see (as seen in the photo above.) So everyone could see what type of music each person with headphones was listening to. All in all it was quite a fun night! For High School Camp, Camp Harlow goes really big because we know that high schoolers are not as easily impressed or intrigued as younger campers. And we wanted to create events that would be really fun for the high schoolers to enjoy. Hence the fake wedding! Something else that makes it interesting is that everyone gets in on the fun—especially the staff members. Olivia is Women’s Lead, Steven is on the SOS Team and Hunter is the Program Director, as mentioned earlier.