Summer Staff General Information

2018 Staff Applications will be on the website around 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Upcoming Events (2017 or Recent Summer Staff)

Soda at Soda’s at 7 pm the last Saturday of September, October, and November from 7 pm-10 pm.  Catch up with staff, pray for one another, play games, etc.  Please bring a snack or beverage to share.  Please e-mail Andrew if you plan on attending.

Harvest Time at Camp Harlow; Tuesday, October 31 (5:30 pm-8:30 pm).  We need volunteers to run about 50 carnival games and activities.  E-Mail Andrew ( if you are interested in serving or use the following link to sign up:  : Harvest Time at Camp Harlow Volunteer Form (Summer Staff),

Summer Staff Reunion (December 15-16; 7 pm-4 pm).  Reconnect with staff, catch up on what has happened since the summer, look ahead to 2018, staying spiritually strong, games, prayer at the Garden of Commitment and more.  Adult E-Mail Andrew ( or sign up online via the following link: Harlow Reunion RSVP 2017

DECEMBER FUNDRAISER DINNER AND AUCTION (Saturday, December 2; 4:30 pm-8:30 pm)

This is a night that Harlow Staff will get to serve members from our Community that support our ministry through their financial gifts, prayer, gifts, etc.  It is always a blessing for them to meet some of our incredible Summer Staff that have poured out so much to the kids each Spring Break and Summer.  We need approximately 16-22 table servers.  Please e-mail Andrew (  or click the following link if you are able to serve: Fundraiser Dinner and Auction Server.   This is a very important event for Camp Harlow.  Please be in prayer as this event approaches.  This may also be a great event to serve if you need Community Service Hours for school requirements.


2018 Staff Applications will be available around December 15, 2017.                                            

We are still accepting Staff Applications and will until positions have been filled.  However, we need your application and additional paper work submitted ASAP.  Applications submitted after March 31 may not be reviewed until May 5 as our Camp Director will be out of the office the last 2 weeks of April.

When is the Required Staff Training for 2018? (Training is required for New and Returning Staff).

Impact Team Training: Will begin Friday evening, June 15-19.  There will probably be another small break in between.

Senior Counselor Training (Ages 18+): Wednesday-Sunday, June 16-19.

Counselor Training (Ages 16-17):  Friday and Sunday, June 17-19.  Will begin later in the evening due to Father’s Day.

CIT Training (Age 15): Friday-Sunday, June 18-19.

CAP Training: Friday and Saturday, June 18-19.

How old does someone have to be to apply to be on Staff at Camp Harlow? 

The minimum age is 13 by the end of June.  We may possibly make an exception if you have a later June or July birthday if you are going into the 8th grade, but is not a guarantee.

How can I apply to be on staff at Camp Harlow?

You can fill out an application online via the Camp Harlow Website. Filling out the Application online will give you the ability to see if or when we have received important paper work, and view or change your Availability.  The same application will work for both Spring Break and Summer.  Paper forms are also available on the website below the online.

If I have been on Staff before, do I still need to fill out an application for this year? 

Yes, you will need to fill out an application each year, even if you are serving just one week! (such as High School Camp).

How will I know you have received my application?

If you applied online, you should get an automatic e-mail confirming your application has been submitted.  If you don’t get one within a couple of hours or so after applying, please contact us (  If you applied on paper, you should receive an e-mail from us within a week of submitting your Application.

I didn’t receive the Reference Forms when I applied online. How do I obtain the required Reference Forms?

Reference Forms should have attached to the e-mail that you should have received within a few minutes of submitting your online application; Let us know if you didn’t receive the e-mail or the Reference Forms were not attached (

Should I send in my Reference Forms with my Application?

For the sake of confidentiality for those filling out your Reference Forms, we prefer that those who fill out your Reference Forms send them to us directly, via mail, fax, or scanned copy through email.

Which Reference Forms are required to be sent in?

All three Reference Forms are required whether you are a New or Returning Applicant. Your application will not be submitted for review until we have received all three Reference Forms. NOTE: Dave Mertz and Andrew Bullock cannot be References for you. We prefer that the Personal Adult Reference Form is filled out by someone at least a few years older than you that knows you well. However, do not have family members fill out this Reference Form for you.

When will I find out if I am accepted?

You will receive an e-mail from us if you have been accepted if you applied to serve for Spring Break 2018 on Friday, March 2.

Impact Team and Senior Counselors will receive an e-mail from us by the end of the day on Friday, April 6.

Counselors will receive and e-mail from us by the end of the day on Friday, April 13.

CITS and CAPS will receive an e-mail from us by the end of the day on Friday, April 20.


What are typical arrival and departure times for Staff during the Summer?                                                                            

CAPS (Day Camps Only): Sunday, 7:00 pm-9:15 pm; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, CAPS will be at camp 8:00 am-5:30 pm; Thursday from 8:00 am-9:45 (stay for Dinner and Evening Campfire). CAPS will not be staying overnight unless they live far outside the Eugene-Springfield area.

-Day Camps: Staff will arrive at 7:00 pm on Sunday and will stay at camp until 7:00 pm on Friday. All Staff (CITS and Older) will be staying the night during Day Camps as well will spend the evenings in our Small Group Bible Studies, Worship Times, Times of Fellowship and so forth.

-Overnight Camps: For most of the Overnight Camps, Counseling Staff needs to report by 1:30 pm on Sunday and will be done at 5:00 pm on Friday (except Thursday for Junior Camps).  CITS and CAPS will not be serving at Overnight Camps.