Camp Harlow Junior Wrangler Volunteer Description

Junior Wranglers are volunteers 13yrs and older who are willing to provide support to the Wranglers and the horse program.  They are essential to the program’s success!  No previous experience is required, training will be provided. Junior Wranglers are asked to conduct themselves in a manner that supports the ministry of First Baptist Church and Camp Harlow.

Duties of a Junior Wrangler may include:

  • Cleanings stalls
  • Cleaning and filling water troughs
  • Grooming and tacking up horses
  • Leading horses for small children
  • Helping riders mount and dismount horses
  • Assisting Wranglers in riding lessons
  • Helping maintain riding trails
  • Bathing horses


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Camp Harlow Wrangler Position Description

Camp Harlow Wranglers are over the age of 18yrs with horse knowledge and experience. This position will serve to assist the head wrangler in running the Camp Harlow Wrangler Program.

Spiritual Requirements: 

  1. They are willing to serve the ministry of the church (1 Peter 4:10)
  2. They are willing to submit to the ministry leadership of the church (Heb. 13:17)
  3. They are willing to act in love toward others in and around the church (I Cor. 13:1-7)
  4. They are willing to support the reputation of the church (I Cor. 10:31)

Duties and responsibilities of a Wrangler include:

  • Maintaining a summer program involving lessons, horsemanship classes, and group trail rides
  • The health, handling, and safety of borrowed horses so they may be returned to their owners in as good as, or better, condition
  • Setting an example of safe and effective horsemanship for riders, volunteers, and handlers
  • Managing areas of risk that arise when combinging people and horses
  • Helping riders mount and dismount horses

Specific Duties:

  • Prepare lesson plans for Beginner’s Horsemanship Classes
  • Care for 12 or more horses by cleaning stalls, feeding,and providing basic veterinary care
  • Teach classes in basic horse health, handling, and riding
  • Tack, ride, and un-tack horses
  • Manage sign-ups, scheduling, and operation of afternoon trail rides
  • Give clear instructions to campers on trail rides
  • Assist Junior Wranglers in learning and mastering new skills
  • Feed horses and clean stalls on weekends
  • Keep trails clear and safe
  • Other duties as assigned

Special Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • Experience in Western and/or English disciplines
  • Knowledge in horse nutrition and behavior
  • Able to administer basic veterinary care and recognize more serious problems
  • Recognize and react to potential safety risks
  • Instruct Individuals or large groups of beginning riders

Additional Information:

  • Training or instruction experience is beneficial, but not required
  • Work with head wrangler to develop and maintain a wrangler team bible study
  • Mentor middle school and high school volunteers