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Here you will find helpful tips and resources to help prepare your camper for an awesome week at Camp Harlow.

Frequently asked questions, schedules and other helpful tools.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Camp Harlow have a policy for campers bringing cell phones?

Yes, please click here to read Camp Harlow’s cell phone policy. 


How much do I need to pay to register my camper and when is my remaining balance due in full?

A $75 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. The remaining balance is due prior to the arrival at camp, preferably the week before.

There is a 72 hour cancellation policy where 100% of the camp fee paid is kept.


What is the difference between the Cabins and Wagons? (Overnight camps only)

We are currently planning to sleep 8 campers and 2 counselors per cabin/wagon.  The Cabins have bathrooms in the buildings, however the Wagons have their bathrooms in a separate building. While the Cabins have air conditioning and heating, the Wagons offer a more rustic experience without these amenities. (Girls Cabins/Wagons and Boys Cabins/Wagons are located in two separate areas of the property.)


Can I request a Cabin/Team Buddy? How does that work?

Yes, you may request up to TWO cabin buddies! There is a place on the registration form to fill in your cabin buddies’ names. While we do our best to accommodate these requests, we cannot guarantee fulfillment. (Early registration is strongly encouraged.) Note:  We will be pre-assigning Day Camp Teams as well!


Can I request a Counselor?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take specific counselor requests.


What is the difference between Tween and Middle School Camp?

Tween Camp is geared towards the younger middle school aged campers or more mature/older elementary aged campers. Middle School Camp is geared towards older middle school campers as a transition into High School Camp.


Can my four-year-old attend a Day Camp?

Unfortunately No. We are not appropriately staffed to handle children younger than five-years-old.


How does the Camp Store and Café work?

Campers are able to purchase items with funds added to their account. At the store, items include apparel, toys, candy and essentials. The café offers drinks and snacks available for purchase.  Note:  Each camper is given a $6.00 credit to be used in the store towards camp apparel only.


How is faith integrated into our program?

#1. We are a ministry of First Baptist Church of Eugene.

#2. We are a faith based-camp that adheres to a Biblical Christian worldview.

#3. Biblical Christian themes and values are expressed throughout our day in various activities.

We’d love if you contacted us if you have any questions!

What about Lost & Found?

We keep lost items in storage for 2 weeks, then donate unclaimed items to nonprofits such as St. Vincent De Paul.


Camper Wellness Checks: 

Included in our wellness checks is a check for head lice. Below is the procedure we follow, you may find this helpful to do prior to drop-off.

How do you check for head lice?

a. Make sure that there is adequate lighting when checking for head lice. A well-lit room or flashlight will help spot any eggs or lice.

b. Begin at the bottom part of the neck and behind the ears and work your way up. Nits and lice can be found anywhere on the head but they prefer warmer places to hide.

c. You may see some lice crawling and/or eggs/nits attached to the hair

d. Divide the hair into halves and inspect each section for eggs and lice. Repeat the process throughout the entire head.

e. To make sure there are nits and not dandruff, try to pull them out by shaking head or scraping the hair with your fingernails. If they are still there, these are nits

Camp Harlow has decided to exceed the Center of Disease Control (CDC) standards to ensure that lice is not spread from person to person and camp environment is safe for all campers. Our policy is that if no live nymphs or adult lice or nits are seen. Camp Harlow has NO-NIT policy. For further information, please see the CDC website.



Camp Harlow has a NO dog policy at all times.

What To Bring:

Day Camp

Sack lunch for each day. We will provide milk or juice at lunch and an afternoon snack.
 Water bottle to keep your camper hydrated (and to help us in our goal to become a more sustainable camp)
 Long pants and closed-toed shoes (for riding horses)
 Modest swimsuit (no bikinis, please)
 Towel
 Hat
 Sunscreen
Please make sure that your camper’s name is clearly marked on everything.

Overnight Camp

 Sleeping bag and pillow
 Clothes for five days (including long pants and closed-toed shoes)
 Toothbrush, soap, towels, wash cloth, etc.
 Modest swimsuit (no bikinis, please)
 Beach towel
 Hat
 Sunscreen
 Water bottle to keep hydrated (and to help us in our goal to become a more sustainable camp)
 Insect repellent
 Flashlight
 Bible (Bibles are also available at camp)
 Pencil, Pen
 Notebook