What to Bring – Overnight

Below you will find important information about check-in and what to bring.
Our desire is for check-in to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. One thing that will help is for all account balances to be paid in full and all financial options (photo, camp store, etc.) to be purchased in advance. If your account is paid in full, and you are NOT adding any financial options as addressed above, you will be able to go through our Express Check-in when you arrive at camp. If you need to pay a balance once you arrive, you will be able to go through our regular registration line (but it will take just a little longer).
After checking in, please stop and see the Camp Nurse if you need to turn in medications or share health information.
PARENTS: Please accompany your camper through the check-in process.
What to Bring:
 Sleeping bag and pillow
 Clothes for five days (including long pants and closed-toed shoes)
 Toothbrush, soap, towels, wash cloth, etc.
 Modest swimsuit (no bikinis, please)
 Beach towel
 Hat
 Sunscreen
 Water bottle to keep hydrated (and to help us in our goal to become a more sustainable camp)
 Insect repellent
 Flashlight
 Bible (Bibles are also available at camp)
 Pencil, Pen
 Notebook
Please make sure that your camper’s name is clearly marked on everything.