Discover the leadership gifts inside of you

Experience the passion of living on mission

Experience growth in your relationship with God

Become part of a supportive community

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Hear from Hunter Gray, Camp Director about what it’s like to spend a Summer working at Camp Harlow

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When you spend a summer working at Camp Harlow you will:

  • Discover the leadership gifts inside of you
  • Learn the passion that comes from living on mission
  • Experience growth in your relationship with God
  • Become part of a community that supports and encourages one another



What Our Summer Staff Have Said


“I’ve loved getting to work at camp throughout the years, but the thing I might love the most is all of the new relationships that were created that will last beyond camp.”


“My favorite part of being at Camp Harlow this summer was getting to pour myself into every camper and develop relationships with the staff. I felt that I really got the chance to push myself outside of my comfort zone and deepen my faith!”


“This summer I grew so much in trusting God with uncertain circumstances. Throughout this summer, we got to see God work in ways that we never thought would’ve been possible.”

Summer Staff Positions

CITS: 13-14 Year Olds (Volunteer Position)

Our CIT’s (or “counselors in training”) are a vital part of the overall ministry. This position is designed as a training program, giving our younger staff a chance to assist and support counselors in leading campers at our Day Camps and Spring Break Day Camp. CIT’s only stay overnight on the Thursday night of the camp they work.

Counselors: 15-16 Year Olds (Volunteer Position)

Counselors serve as assistants to our Senior Counselors. They support our senior counselors in the cabins and have an amazing opportunity to get to know campers and make a difference in their lives. Counselors stay the night each week they work, but cannot work High School Camp.

Senior Counselor: 17+ (Paid Position)

Senior Counselors are the leaders of the cabins and are given the responsibility to direct the cabin, support counselors, and be strong examples of Christ for each camper in their care. Additionally, Senior Counselors must demonstrate their leadership ability and compassion towards campers and younger staff. High School Camp remains reserved for Senior Counselors over the age of 18 and who have graduated high school. Senior Counselors stay the night at camp each week they work.

SOS Team: 18+ (Paid Position)

The SOS team leads many aspects of our camp program including our skits, games, activities and crafts. The SOS team is expected to serve joyfully and lead faithfully. This team supports in caring for our counselors spiritually, planning rotations, executing club times and evening events. A successful SOS member will need to rely on their teammates, communicate effectively and manage time well.

Operations Team: Ages 14+ (Paid Position for Ages 17+)

Also known as the “O-Team,” this position is for those who don’t have the desire to counsel but want to be involved in the inner workings of the camp. The O-Team will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills that are vital to keeping the camp running smoothly. Members of this team will assist in running the camp store and cafe, cleaning, and helping out with other projects around camp as needed. O-Team does not stay overnight at camp as it is a daytime position only.

Lifeguards: 16+ (Paid Position)

Our lifeguards teach and protect the campers in our pool. Lifeguards must have current certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid. Lifeguard certifications must be from the American Red Cross, YMCA, Ellis and Associates, Royal Lifeguarding or comparable certifying organization. Previous lifeguard experience is desirable. This is a position that pairs well with counseling, however, if you’re only planning on lifeguarding that is ok too.

Junior Wranglers: Ages 13+ (Volunteer Position)

Junior Wranglers have an amazing opportunity to work with and care for horses in a safe, fun, hands-on environment. They are given the responsibility of helping with horse care, as well as guiding horses for the campers on trail rides. No experience is needed and training is provided. This is a daytime only position.

Wranglers: Ages 18+ (Paid Position)

Wranglers are in charge of caring for our horses in the summer, leading Junior Wranglers, and orchestrating a fun safe environment for the thousands of campers that visit each year. Previous experience working with horses required for applicants.

Nurses: (Paid and Volunteer Positions)

The Camp Harlow Nursing Ministry exists to provide health, safety and well-being for each camper, counselor and staff member.  Licensed RNs/LPNs are available on campus when camp is in session to provide care and treatment for all.  Emeritus RNs, EMTs, Student Nurses, CNAs support the Nursing Ministry in many ways.  There is something to do for anyone willing to serve! If you are interested, apply online and contact our Head Nurse, LuAnne at